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He is a designer and engineer based in SF who fuses design, media, and science to create experimental atmospheres to redefine the interaction between humans, the environment, and computers.

My Work



Opia is a tabletop smart mirror that gives personalized compliments to its user.

Part of the creation of an innovative illustration system that utilizes 3D objects and scenes to visualize messaging in a subtle way and to emphasize the brand's dynamic personality. 

Bundle News

Designed the Application's rounded version, iOS 14 Widget and their website. 


Spectrumal is a Contemporary Experimental Website to conceptualize abstract words created with p5js library entirely created by me.


The Fundeus website diagnoses cataract, glaucoma, and diabetic retinopathy using fundus images by a machine learning-based interactive system. 

GROW: A Smart Bottle that Uses its Surface as an Ambient Display to Motivate Daily Water Intake

We present Grow, a conceptual smart bottle prototype designed to encourage users to drink water regularly.

TechnoGym App

The project aims to design an interactive system with two components as an app and water bottle where the two components work synchronically with the TechnoGym products to take care of wellbeing in a home setting.