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Branding and Web Application Design

I am the head designer of the startup called and had a chance to work interdisciplinary. My responsibilities are to identify and develop design strategies and plans based on market trends and competitor’s activities. Designing a whole new UI for the website, their applications. Ensuring smooth implementation of design plans by coordinating front-end/back-end developers and product teams. During the process, I had a chance to work with programs I have never try such as After Effects to design JSON animations.

UX Researcher - Salih Berk Dinçer
Branding - Somestr Studio x Salih Berk Dinçer

Art Director - Salih Berk Dinçer

UI Developer - Salih Berk Dinçer

#UI #UX #animation #branding #colortheory #json #aftereffects #figma #prototyping

Create Computer - Purpose of Use
Computer - Run in Background - Clicked

> Playground

MacBook Pro - Dark
Create Computer - Preinstall Software
Dashboard - Account Settings - Card Adde
Create Computer - Subscription
Dashboard - Files
Create Computer - Connection Quality - D
Dashboard - Account Settings
404 Error
Dashboard - Run - Step 1
Dashboard - Run - AllOptions